The woodcarving in the Bavarian Forest is not a standard wellness hotel but an adventure camp. Everything goes a bit differently here! There is a whirlpool, a wellness area, a restaurant and modern rooms, as well as a campsite, tiny houses, a bathing pond and a regular's table. In addition to Bavarian delicacies, Thai dishes are on the menu.A crazy place that I found immediately interesting!

 Adventure Camp Carving Mill

To describe the carving mill is difficult. Where do I start to tell? It is, as the name Adventure Camp has been told, an experience. During my stay I have constantly discovered something new! The Nielsen Brothers, as the two operators of the hotel call themselves, do not have a clearly defined target group. People from the village who meet for a beer at the regular's table can be found in the carving mill as well as young couples, families, campers or mountain bike enthusiasts.It is a place of encounter and contrasts. It is exhausting, educational, crazy and relaxing at the same time.

Stay in the carving mill

The journey is possible both by car and by the forest railway. The latter has its own "carving mill" station and from there the hotel can be reached in a few minutes. A good reason to leave the car and drive in public.

As already indicated, there are various accommodation options in the carving mill:
  • Rooms in the main house (Hacienda)
  • Lodge (semicircular building with high rooms sharing a terrace)
  • Black House (Tiny Houses located a little off the river)
  • Camping (classic campsite, for caravans and buses or tents - there are also big house tents that can be rented already built.The place can also be spontaneously booked online or flexibly rebooked/canceled the same day, if the plans change.)

 Tiny Houses in the Carving Mill (Black House)

There is something for every taste. Personally, the Tiny Houses have the most appeal to me because they are quiet and have a beautiful terrace overlooking the river.We stayed in a lodge which has a large double bed, couch and patio:

Carving Lodge

Carving Lodge

There is another sleeping area on the second floor, perfect for families.The high wall of the window makes the room beautiful bright. On the terrace you will find a comfortable beanbag, a deckchair and beer bars. The couch was very comfortable, after my extensive research on the culinary arts in Arberland I could relax there perfectly! My friend visited a three-day mountain bike course this weekend, the participants of which all stayed in the carving mill. Such courses take place on a regular basis and are organized jointly by Bayerwald Bike and the carving mill. A great cooperation, because the region is perfect for mountain biking.

Unfortunately, the lodges are a little bit light-colored. During our stay we also had the "bad luck", that a wedding took place in the carving mill and until three o'clock in the morning celebrating guests ran around the lodge building.So if you are sensitive to noise, I recommend the Black Houses far from the rest of the accommodation or a few earpads рџ ‰ Alternatively, you can ask, of course, whether events take place in the carving during the booking period.

Thai Bay - Culinary Delights

I was especially attracted to the Thai cuisine in the carving mill. There are numerous vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu, both German and Thai cuisine. Difficult to decide! We opted for a vegan two-person menu (Baan Thai) with a variety of dishes, priced at € 15.50 per person. You will definitely be more than fed up and the price I found absolutely fair for the quality dishes.I especially liked the sweet potato corn thalers and their dip.

Thai Bay in the woodcarving (Baan Thai Menu)

You can sit outside on the terrace or indoors in the restaurant. There I recommend the place directly on the "green wall", which is completely covered with living plants! A real eye-catcher, which also provides for a great indoor air. The breakfast buffet is another highlight. There you will find plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality cheese, yoghurt and muesli, nuts and seeds, and homemade food bars.Also juices and flavored water are available. All in all, I found the breakfast to be excellent.

The carving mill also has an on-site camp shop where you can shop. Since the hotel is quite remote, I consider this a convenient option for campers and Tiny House residents.

Campladen Carving Mill

Baden & Wellness

We took a short walk to the bathing pond, which invites you to relax with two jetties and plenty of moorings.Since it was a bit cooler at the end of September, the pond was rather used by ducks рџ ‰ In the summer but certainly a great place to swim! For the colder days, then the spa in the spa area offers. For reasons of time I could not look at this because my stay was connected with a lot of program in the Arberland. So I have to take another look at the Emoji-Spa.

bathing pond carving


The woodcarving is definitely a unique place that appeals to and brings together diverse people. The offer for vegan guests is definitely top.No matter if sport, wellness or culinary, nobody will be bored there. A stay in the Bavarian Forest that you will never forget!