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Experience Timeless Luxury With the Comforts of Today. Book your stay at our vintage hotel in Utica, NY

Indulge in the elegance and sophistication of the early 20th century while relishing the modern comforts of today at Hotel Utica. Since 1912, the Hotel Utica has treated guests to luxurious accommodations in a timeless environment. 

Located in the foothills of the Adirondacks and the heart of Utica, NY, our classic hotel offers guests proximity to many local attractions. Call today to reserve your overnight stay. Enjoy the magnificence of yesteryear and the comforts of today at our hotel in the heart of Utica, New York. Take a step back in time and a step forward in relaxation
Visit our historic Utica, NY, hotel

When Hotel Utica opened its doors over a century ago, it reflected all the grace and optimism of a young and proud nation. As the years have progressed, Hotel Utica has preserved this ambiance while upgrading the interior with modern amenities. 

After two years of extensive renovations, Hotel Utica embraces the splendor of its original beauty and is now one of 180 hotels to be included in the National Trust Historic Hotels of America. Call today to reserve your stay and experience the splendors of Hotel Utica.

Our vintage setting is the perfect backdrop for an elegant wedding
Let us host your Utica, NY, wedding and reception

An appropriate setting is essential for the perfect wedding. Complement the elegance and sophistication of your big day with the vintage charm of our historic Utica, NY, hotel. Let us host your rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception in one convenient, extravagant setting. Catering from our prestigious restaurant is also available. Call today for more information and to book your wedding party’s stay at Hotel Utica.



Patrick O.

When it comes to Utica, NY this is probably one of the best options.  It's newly remodeled and looks really swanky.  The rooms are clean, sharp and comfortable.  They aren't overly spacious but certainly big enough.  They also have their own parking lot with plenty of space.  It's located in the heart of downtown and the surrounding neighborhood could certainly use a new coat of paint so to speak.  But it's fine.  You have drinking and dining options within walking distance.  And if that doesn't suit then they have a restaurant/bar which works just fine.  I found it to be a very comfortable place to spend the night.


Frances H.

I regularly stayed at this hotel, but since it has been sold, I have not returned. I see by the pictures that they covered the mosaic floor with tile. They took out the antique bar.  The let go the women who used to make the scrumptious breakfasts in the morning and replace them with corn flakes, bread and English muffins. Meanwhile they doubled the price. I wouldn't return because I hate seeing beautiful old things like this hotel destroyed. Thank God they weren't able to remove the chandeliers. I am glad I got to know the hotel when it was a beautiful old relic of a bygone time, of elegance we no longer have.


Ashley M.

YOU WILL NOT BE SAFE HERE. I am a Hilton Diamond member and they gave 0 cares about my safety, so NOONE IS SAFE HERE. They will give out any key to anyone as long as they have your room number and last name. It took SEVEN PHONE CALLS to tell them to make sure someone had ID before they got a key to my room. And after that, I had to do it ALL OVER AGAIN at shift change. Even then, I barricaded my door with every moveable moveable piece of furniture.  Stay somewhere else. Nothing is more important than your safety, and these people seriously couldn't care less.


Chris W.

Old historic hotel. Very nicely redone. Room was quite and clean. Staff friendly and helpful. Bar staff was very pleasant fun to be around


Stacy H.

Do NOT make a reservation online if you are thinking of staying here. We booked online and paid in advance for our stay, but our plans changed. I called well in advance of our stay to cancel one night, and they refused. Corporate greed at its finest. If we had called the hotel directly to make our reservation and paid at the end of our stay, we could have cancelled the night. But because they already had our money, they refused. The online booking company even said they would refund our money if we could get the hotel's permission, but the manager said no. Why?!?! When I called getaroom.com and asked about a refund, they said they WOULD refund the money, but only if a manager at the hotel approved it. When I called, the manager said no. The website I booked though was willing to refund the night, but the manager blocked it.


Karen L.

This was my second time staying at Doubletree/Hotel Utica. I stayed a week and had to ask them to clean the room. This was after having to get coffee, cups and glasses other times from the front desk. I've had conversation with the GM and he listened  and was sorry.


Leah E.

The rooms are nice and the building is beautiful but if you're hosting an event I definitely recommend elsewhere. The staff is disorganized (and some frankly just don't give a crap). I would say 2/10 interactions were positive the rest involved eye rolls, them making up excuses, or just straight up not caring and making it quite clear by going to hang out with one another while they're on the clock. Again stop there for a stay but definitely consider hosting dinners, ceremonies, weddings, etc elsewhere.Update- was here for a wedding hosted at the venue.


Emily M.

First off, this hotel is beautiful, and I had no complaints, expect one big thing: recycling. The hotel advertises that it is an eco friendly hotel, with recycling bins in each suite. However, upon arrival we asked the front desk and they informed us that they do NOT recycle. At all. We were very upset to hear that all the recycled goods we had put in our "recycling bin" that week was actually going straight to the trash. This is irresponsible, and unacceptable. It's 2019. It's time big corporations like Double Tree get on board with sustainability.


Philip H.

Overall, this hotel is a great addition to the Central NY area. I live in CA, but most of my family lives one town over in Herkimer County.  As such, having this as an option for when I'm in NY 3-4 times a year is splendid. If you are used to nice hotels and want higher class than the Holiday Inn or Red Roof, this is your best option in Utica. The staff is nice, the rooms are large and very clean, the lobby is beautiful, and being walking distance to nice coffee shops, the Aud, and the Stanley theater is great (and a very short drive to Munson and Uptown Theater). My only gripes are minor. I called to see if I left a fleece sweater during a recent April 2019 stay and despite leaving two messages, no one ever called me back. Second, I had to adjust my reservation slightly from one night to another and was charged a "change fee" because I had already saved by "paying early." I understand there are rules, but Utica is still a small town. It'd be nice if this hotel showed some small town good feeling and waived the fee, instead of transferring me to a soulless Hilton Corporate rep and nickel and diming me for moving my reservation check-in from a Tuesday to a Thursday during the same week. They lost no money on the deal and the hotel was not full either day. Come on. But, that is certainly not enough to sour me. I've already stayed here 3 times in the past year and will certainly look here again when I'm back in town.


Karen W.

This hotel is a treasure! I almost hate to review it because I want it to be my own best kept secret! What a lovely hotel restored to its former glory plus some awesome updates! The service was great. The rooms are huge and reasonably priced. The hotel is within walking distance to top notch dining! There is not a lot going on in Utica but the city is going through  renaissance which makes it all the more tantalizing. The Pratt Institute of Art has a satellite school and museum in town with a lovely collection which is free for public viewing. There is also a beautiful restored theater and stunning historic train station. When we were there last weekend it snowed. I can't wait to return in better weather to explore some of the local state parks known for beautiful hiking trails.


Michael J.

Horrible, HORRIBLE customer service. Stayed here for a wedding last week for two nights. Upon checking out, I received my bill with the correct charges. When my credit card statement came in today, I was extremely displeased in seeing that I was charged an extra 0. I called the hotel and they told me it appeared I cancelled a room and was charged a cancellation fee. When I told them this never occurred, they had me leave a voicemail. After then calling corporate, they informed me that I was charged a smoking fee. After telling them I don't smoke, they said they would put an invoice in to dispute it, but it would take several days. Absolutely horrible service. I would never recommend anyone to stay at this hotel with this horrible customer service.


Michael J.

Hotel Utica is the Grand Dame of the city. The two-story Lobby has beautiful green-veined marble pillars.The restaurant, which was already impressive, is being remodeled. However, there are several good places to eat within easy walking distance.The rooms are large and new. Hopefully they will have flat-screen TVs soon.As a mildly handicapped senior I was disappointed to see that there was not a single grab iron in the bathtub. The tub's base was also slick.Still, Beverly and I fell in love with the place and we will be back.


William Aaron K.

Finally after pulling up to this gray little town after a 10+ hour road trip from Indiana to see a wedding, we come into this parking lot.At first, I didn't really know what to think, because there was a man digging around in the dumpsters (which I don't have a problem with) just staring us down as he can tell that we were not from there (which was the odd feeling I had). However, I get it. We do that kind of stuff here in these parts of the country, so what can you do.After thinking where in the hell are we, I had to run in as fast as I can to use the bathroom. However, when I came out of the bathroom I realized that this hotel is absolutely gorgeous on the inside.It almost has an eerie feeling, because you can tell it's historic and everything looks so pristine and staged. It has a "tower of terror" kind of feel to it, but I think that adds to it's charm.We get up to our "Mickey Mantle" suite and my friend and I were just awed by the view. It was amazing. I wish we had more money and didn't have to go to that wedding, because I would have loved to do some more exploring around Utica to see what kind of possibilities could have happened there.We loved that the elevator didn't have a 13th floor. It's like something you see in the movies.The staff for the most part were pretty friendly. After we came back from the wedding, my friend and I were looking for some fun on a budget, so we were going to go to a liquor store and buy a bottle before hitting up some bars. So the staff gave me some suggestions of places to go. However, it turns out that I think New York must have some odd law that you can't buy liquor from a liquor store after 9 p.m. or something and it was even weirder that their WALMART of all places didn't sell liquor. That's beyond the point though.We gave up and decided to just watch tv and go to bed, because we had a long drive the next day anyway. The bed itself was a pretty comfortable king sized bed just enough space for my friend and I to be able to sleep on opposite sides of the bed and just chill out.We got up for the continental breakfast. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. I thought they could have definitely used some more meatier options like bacon, sausage links or something instead of that potato hash and waffles. However, what can you do?I would recommend this place for someone to stay if you think about traveling to Utica for any particular reason.


Bob M.

Stayed at the recently renovated Hilton Hotel Utica. Older building but the renovations were beautifully done. Rooms were modern and spacious, elevators were very quick. All people we dealt with were genuinely friendly. If you are staying in the area it's a great choice.


Tee L.

The room is fantastic! Great views but the hotel lobby and mezzanine are even more amazing. We are here for a friends wedding and it was an amazing event! The coordinators were so attentive, the bar staff was friendly and personable and most importantly the ballroom decor was amazing. Food was good, I didn't love the choices so maybe that gives me a biased opinion but it could've been better. Overall I would recommend anyone to stay and enjoy Utica or use this space for an important event!


Margaret K.

The staff are very helpful, but this hotel operates  as if it opened yesterday, rather than 9 months ago. Breakfast this morning was terrible. The food was never refreshed when we got there at 10 am so the eggs were like tired golf balls, the bacon that was left was undercooked and floating in grease. The waitress was the only one on and was overwhelmed by our party of 12. At a person they've got to improve this!!    The rooms are a lovely size and decorated well, but there is no literature about what is in the hotel, whether that be the exercise room, the bar or the dining room for that matter. Best I can say is this hotel needs work!


Sabrina D.

Very impressed ! A lot of updates ! Smells like warm chocolate chip cookies when you enter and everything looks so clean !


Lorraine M.

We held our prom here and it couldn't have been any better. First, the building is stunning. The architecture and decor are beautiful. The food was excellent. We had food stations set up--barbecue, pasta and Mexican.  Absolutely delicious. But what made this venue top notch was the staff. They were attentive, hard working and just overall great people!  It was one of the best proms ever!


Tori G.

We stayed here for a night while we went to a concert and were pleasantly surprised with the accommodations. Granted, nothing is state of the art but they are h set renovations. Historic looking lobby makes it seems HUGE. The rooms were spacious enough but the water pressure was AMAZING! That alone is worth five stars! They served a nice breakfast that was much better than the average and made the cost even more palatable. I would definitely stay here again.


Gloria K.

The only reason I gave the Hotel Utica 4 stars is because it is under renovation.  Ignore the mess in the lobby, the non-working elevators and the soiled rugs in most hallways.  The Hotel Utica is in the process of being incorporated into the Hilton chain.We've stayed here many times, and the hotel was a classic example of very faded elegance,  It was spectacular in its day, as the crystal chandeliers, marble floors and grand piano will testify.  Right now, the place is undergoing a major restoration, and if the rooms are are a clue, it will be spectacular!, As I said, we've stayed here many times over the years, but last weekend we entered the lobby with much trepidation.  Not to worry.  The staff was accommodating, apologetic and assured us we would not be disappointed with our room.  To say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement.  It was fabulous.  Top of the line EVERYTHING!  Beautifully decorated, wonderfully appointed; fabulous mattress; comfortable bed with amazing sheets; huge, soft towels!  I cannot offer enough superlatives.  We are glad we stayed during the renovation, as we were offered a reduced nightly rate for the inconvenience.  Good thing!  Once the renovation is complete and it merits 5 stars, we may not be able to afford it!

About DoubleTree by Hilton Utica and reviews
About DoubleTree by Hilton Utica and reviewsAbout DoubleTree by Hilton Utica and reviewsAbout DoubleTree by Hilton Utica and reviewsAbout DoubleTree by Hilton Utica and reviews
About DoubleTree by Hilton Utica and reviewsAbout DoubleTree by Hilton Utica and reviewsAbout DoubleTree by Hilton Utica and reviews